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  • Phil Lempert
    Supermarket Guru and Today Show Food Editor

    "Burning Desire Habanero Hot Sauce
    Made with habanero peppers, carrots, onion, rice vinegar, garlic, canola oil, and lime juice, this sauce has a sweet taste that will add a fiery touch to your foods. The makers recommend using it in soups, sauces, chili, dips, and eggs. Zero calories, zero fat, and zero sugar make it a hit in our book. Do we need yet another hot sauce? With ingredients this pure the answer is yes! Sells for $4.99, a lot higher than the ones you’ll find in the supermarket, but not uncommon for gourmet sauces."

  • Listen to Melinda Lee (Melinda Lee's Food Talk) Thoughts on d'Oni Enterprises Specialty Sauces
  • The Miami Herald. THE EDGY VEGGIE
    A saucy start to a new year ELLEN KANNER:

    Are you ready to party? Sunday is the Lunar New Year, ushering in the Year of the Pig. In China, it's the beginning of a 15-day spring festival that's steeped in ritual, starting from day one, when eating meat is considered bad luck. (So wise, those Chinese!) This year, celebrate by getting sauced, so to speak. D'Oni doesn't sound Asian, but as the company motto says, it's ''d'Oni way to spice.'' D'Oni Moondance Marinade, (13.75 ounces, $5.99), billed as soy and cilantro-based, sounds mellow, even dull. Surprise -- it has a vinegar and chile bite that kick-starts everything it touches. One tablespoon contains just 10 calories, 150 milligrams sodium and a trace of sugar and fat. A little goes a long way, too. I only needed two tablespoons to jazz up some steamed green beans. D'Oni makes five other sauces including orange-chile Happy Together and a teriyaki called What's Goin' On. The downside (besides the cutesy names): They're only available online ( {portion of segment deleted} Both Nasoya and d'Oni sauces are vegan, so -- dare we say it? -- pig out!

    Ellen Kanner writes biweekly about vegetarian concerns.

    Super Bowl Party Written by: Staff

    D'Oni Enterprises All-natural gourmet condiments Chicken wings can be bought in bulk and marinated, covered in sauce and even used in a dipping fashion. "What's Goin'On" is a Soy-Pear-Ginger Korean Teriyaki marinade glaze that will start our party off and recognize that Buffalo is not the only city that wing worshippers can love. Happy Together is an Orange-Chili-Garlic Grill Glaze Dip that will draw compliments as our second batch of wings is grilled to perfection. For those who need a New Year's hot spot, D'Oni's "Burning Desire" and "Bold as Love" will hit the heart fan. For each of these, I would suggest that the wings and drums be cooked until crispy and then a dipping bowl be made with each sauce. Place a clean pastry brush in each bowl to allow a light breezing on of the sauce. From

    Healthwise Magazine, Nutritionwise Segment

    Meal Maker Created with the hope of inspiring great meals, healthy living, conversation and laughter for those who cook, d'Oni Specialty Sauces are perfect for impressive holiday entertaining. The tempting variety of flavorful and eclectic blends are all-natural, preservative-free, fat-free, low-sodium, low-calories and best of all, easy to use so you can spend more time with your guests. Visit