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Moondance Marinade

Everyone knows the way to everyone's heart is through their stomach. Let d'Oni show you how to make that trip a true adventure.

The flavor of Moondance Marinade penetrates through and through to enhance meat, poultry, fish, rice, potstickers, mushrooms or tofu. Moondance Marinade enhances the flavor of just about anything you saute, grill or broil and it makes a great dipping sauce!

Moondance Marinade, one taste and you will agree,
it's d'Oni Way to Spice!

We are committed to providing delicious and nutritious enhancements to all foods. Moondance Marinade, Happy Together, What's Goin' On, Burning Desire Habanero Hot Sauce and Bold as Love Honey-Habanero Mustard are made with the finest of ingredients, are all-natural and preservative-free. We believe once you taste the experience, you will be committed too.

Ingredients: (in order of predominance) Water, Rice and White Distilled Vinegars, Sugar*, Cilantro, Red Chili Peppers, Salt, Onion, Wheat, Soybeans, Garlic, Sesame Oil, Xantham Gum and Citric Acid

*The sugar listed in the ingredients is from the rice vinegar. There is no refined sugar in Moondance Marinade, sugar does not register in the nutritional analysis.

Nutrition Facts
serving size: 1 Tablespoon
calories: 10
fat: 0
sodium: 150 mg
carbs: 1g (sugar 0g)

Moondance Marinade
Zesty Soy Cilantro

  • A terific blend - can be used as a bbq,
    grilling, glaze or dip on:
    Vegetables (Sautee, Grill, Stirfry)
    Fish: Bass, Halibut, Salmon
    Vegetarian Food Items
    Tofu: Grilled, Stir Fried, Baked
  • To use as a bbq, grilling sauce or glaze
  • Salmon Marinade
  • Salad Dressing (try on cucumbers)
  • Sushi Dip


Soy and Cilantro come together in once luscious marinade, Moondance Marinade

I have to say congratulations for the wonderful product you make (I had only tried one of them). Last week I went to Bristol Farms in Westlake Village and there was this nice-full of energy-happy lady giving samples of her sauces and saying how excited she was to be there because "she made the sauces herself". At first, I was resistant to try it because cooking is my passion and I really like to make everything from scratch so I never buy already made marinades or anything like that. However, I felt her energy and thought to give it a chance so I bought a jar of Moondance Marinade. What a wonderful product!!! It's so delicious!! Congratulations and best of luck!!!
--Kathy McDaniel, Westlake Village, CA