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About 2008

Reading through our history, I saw a common thread: we certainly did start this business with three core business foundations: Tenacity, Hope and a Mission. In the last few months the first two have been tested, however our Mission has yet to waiver.

If I go blindly, reacting solely to my gut reactions: I know I am doing the right thing by launching Lean on Me, Naturally. The truth is: we deserve more from companies who supply our food and feed our families. We deserve to be able to invest in ourselves and not have to make the choice between living a healthy lifestyle or ingesting chemicals and preservatives.

I promise, I am not standing on a soap box to challenge other companies. There is only one company that I have control over and well... that would be d'Oni Enterprises!

The above being said, I am proud to announce the launch of: Lean on Me, Naturally -- gourmet products to inspire great meals and put your family first. Our products have always been about supporting a healthy lifestyle, rather than fitting into one single program or weight management concept.

Lean on Me, Naturally provides gourmet products to inspire great meals and put your family first. The best part, aside from the great taste, is we do it all naturally. Lean on Me, Naturally™ products are gourmet & specialty, all-natural & preservative-free and healthy-lifestyle & weight management friendly.

Lean on Me, Naturally
  • gourmet & specialty
  • all natural & preservative-free
  • healthy lifestyle & weight management friendly

As all of you know, these three features are rarely found in the same product. Also, another rarity, Lean on Me, Naturally marinades & sauces, condiments & dips and salad dressings fit into the following nutritional guideline, concurrently (per T. or serving): 20 calories or less, 2 grams of fat or less, 200 mgs of sodium or less and 2 grams of sugar or less!

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A new feature of is the Lean on Me, Naturally Community. I have always wanted to incorporate a feature where we could help each other out when we are feeling less than inspired or to share successes. While the title of the community might lend itself to a healthy lifestyle, I know that there are other topics that we need camaraderie and inspiration with, like: Business, Charitable Concerns & Projects, Fitness and the Environment. I will have a Blog (but really, how much do I have to talk about) and I have invited other trusted friends and colleagues to share their P.O.V's as well.

Oh Wait! There is one more aspect of my business that has yet to waiver: my affection and appreciation for my customers. You guys have been amazing. Do you realize together we have raised about $2,000 for ALS & MS research and support? Thank you for loving my products, thank you for being supportive and most of all, thank you for being a part of the d'Oni story.

I just realized something else I have learned over the past few years: The 2008 About is less than two-pages long -- I may have learned how to be succinct? (okay, probably not, but we have to look at the bright side more often!)

As always, I hope you enjoy!
- Janis