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About 2005


aboutd'Oni Enterprises has become somewhat of a jourmal of my life for the past few years. What started as "my cute, little company" has grown into the "cute, little company" that has consumed so many of my waking (and sometimes sleeping) moments.

We set out to create sauces that were different from those you normally would find on the shelves of your favorite grocer. We never just make something for the sake of making something. I, since I am the CEO, in charge of R&D, Web Master, in charge of Customer Service and Sample-Gal, have to actually feel the product ~ it has to touch my senses.

For those of you who have met me while doing a demo, you will understand my next comment: my proudest moment is when I can tell someone that I really did make what so many people are now enjoying. Embarassing as it may be, there are even times when my eyes tear up when I talk to people about the d'Oni Enterprises story.

Our story is a real-one, there certainly wasn't a budget to hire a "Branding Team." The sauces, the flavors, the mood and the names truly do represent the personalities and eating preferences of myself and those we love. What has been amazing is your response to my creations.

David and I took on chance on flavors that we firmly believed would be welcomed by you, our consumers. We are thrilled that you have welcomed our flavors into your home; we also hope that our products have helped you save a little time in the kitchen!

In May of 2005, we are proud to announce our newest flavor, which will be the first of our Heritage Line, What's Goin' On, Soy, Pear, Ginger Korean Teriyaki. What's Goin' On is very special to me as it is a love note to my Mom, Brother and Sister. It is sweetened with pear (no sugar -- just like my mom taught me to eat!) and spiced with ginger -- a healthy twist to an old favorite.

In the coming months (or by next year ; >) we will create more items for our Heritage Line which will include Pasta Sauce, Salsas and Salad Dressings. All will fit into a healthy lifestyle, have a bit of spice and of course will be all-natural and preservative-free.

If you have any comments or a recipe to share, please feel free to write!

~~I hope you enjoy, Janis

We have visited a lot of stores over the last five years and in turn, we have met a lot of you! The following are the answers to the questions that we get asked every weekend:

Why did you start d'Oni?

There were a couple of reasons why I started d'Oni and then there were a couple of unexpected rewards:

  • I wanted to create a line that would allow us to take shortcuts to having a gourmet, healthy and sometimes spicy meal.
  • To see if I could
The rewards:
  • I get to meet a lot of people who tell me how much they love what we created. At the risk of sounding sappy -- that is a great reward! There are times when I will literally start tearing up when people tell me they have tried and love our creations.
  • I could!

What comes first the sauce or the name?

This is a funny process. Sometimes I get a flavor in my head and I instantly know the name. Sometimes, as in the case of Happy Together, I struggled with finding the right fit. So the answer is: Neither?

Which is your favorite product?

Loving one more than another would be like loving Chai more than Bosco (my dogs) or picking a favorite child. I wouldn't make something if I didn't absolely love it. I have to get a flutter in both my heart and my stomach. Needless to say, the R&D process around here takes a long time ; >